PopAds Review 2017 - Can it Make Money for your blog?

popads net review - best popup under ads for blogger and website

Popads ad network is one of the most popular pop-ups under advertising network. And it is a great alternative to popcash and infolinks. The best thing about it that you can withdraw you earned money at any time once, your unpaid earning is reached to a minimum amount of 5$. Currently, It's providing highest CPM rates, excellent technical support, fastest payment in the industry.

From the last three years, I am using Google Adsense for my blog and no doubt it is one of best advertising program which pays high CPC. After that, I was looking for other monetizing networks which can work well along with Adsense for my blog, and that's when I stumbled upon popads net network.

And the first question that came to my mind was,
Can it make money for my blog?
So, I decided to get signed up for this network to check whether it can make money for my blog.  And after using it for two months (Total traffic upto two month, only 20000), I earned 68.26$ that you can see in the below screenshot of my dashboard, (popads earnings)

popads net review - earning dashboard payment
So, in this review, I will answer you some frequently asked question which you may encounter while choosing the best pop-ups under ad network,

How Popads works?

Unlike AdSense, it does not require an ad space that means you visitors don't need to click on anything. And you will get paid whenever your visitors will browse your website.

Popads is great if you are receiving traffic from USA, UK, Cannada because it provides high eCPM for the European countries. But for Asian traffic, you may not earn much until you are getting a huge amount of organic as well as social traffic. (100% fill rates)

Is PopAds.Net Scam Network?

Ofcourse not. It has a large number of publishers who are happy with its technical support and on-time payment.

Most of the people have written the negative reviews on several forum, and this may be due to account ban. Most of the webmaster use bot traffic trick to increase their page views and earnings which is an illegal method. And due to this reason, their account gets banned from the popads network.

But, My experience says that they are legit and genuine because I (many webmasters) already get paid for my earnings. You can see my 'payment proof' below,

popads net payment proof

How To Sign Up for Popads?

The sign-up process of popads network is very easy, and you only need to fill up a publisher form. Just click on the below button to go to popads.net website and fill up a simple form. And you need to wait for 24 hour to get an email from their team that your website is approved.

Can your website be approved? 

Absolutely yes. It accepts all type of website including adult, non-adult, hacking, and cracking.

Is their JavaScript plugin SEO friendly?

Yes. For API integration, they provide a small bit of JavaScript code which you need to add just above the closing body tag. And the best thing about it that, it does not affect the loading speed of your website which is one of the ranking factors of Search Engine Optimization.


How To Host CSS And JavaScript Files on Github with Rawgit

If you are serious about blogging and want to make your blog best in all category, then you no only need to focus on high-quality content but also on blog's loading speed. If your blog loads speed is not good. Then your blog visitors will start to leave your blog on the very first visit and will move to some other blog for the same article.

In this tutorial, I will introduce you a new free CDN service provider viz, RawGit(by MaxCDN) that is an open-source tool that serves raw files directly from GitHub with the correct Content-Type headers. And also, explain to you How to set up it for unlimited bandwidth using GitHub. But before this, let me explain something about its advantages,

Why should you use RawGit CDN (Content Delivery Network)?

CDN, stands for content delivery network, is a broadly distributed system of multiple servers at various locations in the world that helps in delivering static contents like CSS, JavaScript, and Images to a user based on the geographical locations of the user.

1. It will boost the loading time of your blog or site by serving the content of your web page to a user based on their location.
2. It will reduce the amount of bandwidth.
3. It will save your money when you running your own server.
4. It will improve user experience and decrease your blog bounce rate.

How to create an account on GitHub?

First of all, navigate to GitHub and there, you have to follow 3 steps to create a personal account. Just do it as usual. On the 2nd step, you will ask to choose a plan, then select Free from the list.

How To Host CSS, JavaScript Files on Github with Rawgit

How to create a repository?

1. After successfully sign up. You will automatically be redirected to the Dashboard where there you will see an option for creating a new repository.

How To Host CSS, JavaScript Files on Github with Rawgit

You cannot be able to create a repository until you verify your account. Just navigate to settings (located at left sidebar) > emails > send email verification.


How To Get Ahrefs Premium Account For Free 2017 [$179]

Whether you are a blogger or internet marketer, we all need an SEO tool by which we can, track our keywords position on several search engines, create reports for our clients, generate keyword ideas, track backlinks of competitors, etc.

As we know that there are thousands of SEO tools are available across the web, but the main problem is that you need to pay a lot of money for a subscription. And one of the best tool of SEO is 'Ahrefs' SEO tool.

You can easily sign up for a free account at any time on which you can use their tools only for five times per day. So here in this guide, I will show you a simple method to sign up for Ahrefs premium account (trial) for two weeks.

1. A verified Paypal account: No need to have balance.
2. An email account (Gmail).

How to get Ahrefs premium account (standard package) for free 2017?

1. I assume that you have a verified Paypal account. If you don't have an account, then create a new one.

2. Now navigate to Ahrefs SEO website and then click on Start Free Trial (Located at the right-hand side upper corner). You can see the below like sign-up box

3. Now enter your email address (Gmail) and then tick on 'terms & conditions'. and then click on 'continue'.

4. Now in the next step, you need to fill up a form which requires your name, address (provide your address which you have been provided in paypal).


5 Best Free Image Hosting Websites for Ebay Item Listing

free image hosting for ebay listing and blogger
Images are one of the crucial parts of web designing because it makes your page looks beautiful and also increase the engagement. When you buy a hosting package from GoDaddy or any other, then they provide some storage on where you can upload your files like CSS, JavaScript, and images.

But Ebay does not provide such service because they are an E-commerce company which provides you only a gateway or a platform from where you can buy and sell goods.

While choosing a web server for hosting your pictures, you should consider the five following thing,

1. Enough Disk Space
2. Server Bandwidth
3. Hotlinking, So that you can embed pictures on eBay product description.
4. Uploading procedure is simple.

So I have featured here the best free image hosting providers with unlimited bandwidth and hotlinks,

1. Google Photos

Google Photos - free image hosting
Before Google photos, Picasa was also a part of Google photo sharing service where Gmail users were able to upload their images and also able to obtained hotlinks from there. But, now Picasa is shut down, and Google photos are only the service which provides free 15 GB storage along with hotlinks. And the images can be embed anywhere on the internet with direct linking.

2. Postimage

Postimage - free image hosting for your website
This picture hosting website provides unlimited storage to webmaster without charging a penny. One of the best things of Postimage is that you no need to be a member to upload the picture to their server, but if you become the member, then you will have the option to delete the uploaded image within your account cPanel.
You can either upload your images by visiting their site or by downloading their desktop app. All the option will provide you to upload the pictures one by one or you can also upload in bulk.


How To Auto Blogging On Blogspot Using RSS Feed And IFTTT

Harsh Agarwal(of Shoutmeloud) is a professional blogger.

Are you also a pro blogger?

Yes or not.

If not but you want to become a pro blogger. Then the only question that I want to ask you
'Can you spend more than 10 hours to blogging?'
Of course not.

Because you may be a high school student or a job seeker who want to earn some extra cash online without any investment.

Am I right?

And if you are one of them, then this is a must read guide for you. The following is the table of content of this article which you can use to navigate throughout the headings.


Why should You do auto blogging?

Auto blogging is a process of using an automated software which scrapes the content from the RSS feeds of another website and then republish the same on your Blogger and WordPress.

This automatic blogging process requires no work because it generates its contents from the various website like BuzzFeed.


OneSignal - Add Free Web Push Notifications In Blogger Blog

free web push notification for blogger - onesignal
Web push notifications is now a new strategy to grow your subscriber. Most of the popular website like Facebook, Twitter are also now using web push notification on their websites. As per the case study by YouNow it is revealed that user's retention has increased by 19%.

Recently, I have started using web push notification in my technology blog. And in this tutorial, I will guide you how to add web push notification your Blogger Blogspot. But before jumping to the whole process, let me tell you something about OneSignal.

What is OneSignal Web Push Notification?

OneSignal is an awesome service which allows adding web push notification to your blog and website. It is a communication channel which enables you to send the custom rich text notifications to your subscribers.

OneSignal lets you send custom messages to different devices or internet browsers. That means if a person subscribed to your blog through their Android or iOs (or any other) device, then your notification will appear on their home screen (or locked screen also). Or if they subscribe with their chrome, firefox (or any other browsers) on their desktop or laptop, then the notification will appear on the right-hand side lower corner of their browser.