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How to Create a Subscribe to Download Plugin for Blogger

Whether you are an affiliate marketer, or developer or an addictive blogger. Every blogger wants to turn their visitors into a long term subscriber for growing audiences as well as traffic. Social networking is one of the core objective of the content marketing to keep updated the loyal readers. Among these tactics, email subscription becomes the prominent feature of a website.

If you are using some old ways (like displaying a subscription box to your blogger sidebar or footer) to collect the email addresses from your visitors, then you are just wasting your time. Because to gather emails of the visitors is not just an easy task because it takes to much time to vanquish the trust of the returning visitors.

How to create subscribe to download plugin or widget in blogger

This trick does not work with feedburner.


1. Sign up and install GetSiteControl script to your blog

 1.  Create an account here. Getsitecontrol

 2.  Now, on your GetSiteControl Dashboard. Navigate to site setting > install and then copy and paste all the code to your Notepad.

How to create a subscribe to download plugin for blogger

3.  Now, on the code. Just extract  //widgets.getsitecontrol.com/ID/script.js and paste in the below box and hit on submit.

4.  And, then copy and paste the above generated code just above the </body> tag on your blogger template editor and then save the template.

2. Create a digital delivery on subscribe

Now we have to set up a digital products or items which will be delivered after successfully sign up for your email newsletter.

  1.  Navigate to GetSiteControl dashboard and look at your left hand sidebar. You can see a green panel option i.e 'Create Widget'. and then Select 'Subscribe'.

  2.  Now you can see several tabs. Now we have to set-up it one by one.

  3.  First 'Appearance tab'. See below image to set-up it.
                How to create a subscribe to download plugin for blogger

    4.  2nd 'Content'. On this tab, you have to add a title and description like below image.
                How to create a subscribe to download plugin for blogger

     5.  3rd 'success' page. This is the most important setting, so do it carefully. Here you can see 3 option i.e. 'title', 'action', 'final tab'.  Just on 'Final tab', select 'redirect to URL' And then add the direct download link of the file. see below image,
How to create a subscribe to download plugin for blogger
 6.  And now hit on OK.

3. Add a subscribe now button to your blog posts

Now, we have to add a subscribe now button or option on the blog posts. You can offer a free download of any digital products like eBooks, Software etc.

1.  Just navigate to your blogger post on which you want to add subscribe option and select HTML view.

2.  And then add the below code there where you want.

<input type="submit" onClick='subcribe2download()' value='Download'/>
That's it.

Final words: Subscribe to download plugin is one the best way to collect email addresses of subscribe by which our visitors will bound to subscribe for our email updates.

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