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5 Best Free Image Hosting Websites for Ebay Item Listing

free image hosting for ebay listing and blogger
Images are one of the crucial parts of web designing because it makes your page looks beautiful and also increase the engagement. When you buy a hosting package from GoDaddy or any other, then they provide some storage on where you can upload your files like CSS, JavaScript, and images.

But Ebay does not provide such service because they are an E-commerce company which provides you only a gateway or a platform from where you can buy and sell goods.

While choosing a web server for hosting your pictures, you should consider the five following thing,

1. Enough Disk Space
2. Server Bandwidth
3. Hotlinking, So that you can embed pictures on eBay product description.
4. Uploading procedure is simple.

So I have featured here the best free image hosting providers with unlimited bandwidth and hotlinks,

1. Google Photos

Google Photos - free image hosting
Before Google photos, Picasa was also a part of Google photo sharing service where Gmail users were able to upload their images and also able to obtained hotlinks from there. But, now Picasa is shut down, and Google photos are only the service which provides free 15 GB storage along with hotlinks. And the images can be embed anywhere on the internet with direct linking.

2. Postimage

Postimage - free image hosting for your website
This picture hosting website provides unlimited storage to webmaster without charging a penny. One of the best things of Postimage is that you no need to be a member to upload the picture to their server, but if you become the member, then you will have the option to delete the uploaded image within your account cPanel.
You can either upload your images by visiting their site or by downloading their desktop app. All the option will provide you to upload the pictures one by one or you can also upload in bulk.

3. GifyU

GifyU - free image hosting for ebay's item listing
Like Postimage, you can also upload files directly from your computer or by visiting their website. It provides you the feature of unlimited bandiwtdh so that you site shall never go down. The only limitation is that your images should not be larger than 100 MB. You get the direct link as BBCodes (for forum), HTML Links (can be embed anywhere) and link. And your picture shall also appear here.

4. Imgur

Imgur - free image hosting webiste for ebay
Imgur is a free image hosting website which lets you store unlimited number of photos without registration. The photos uploaded there never gets expired until you decide to delete them. You can upload gif, jpeg, png, apng, jpg etc. GIF uploads shall not be larger than 200 MB. One of the important features of Imgur is that your image gets automtically resized or compressed without losing quality to save server space. You can also create a photo album to embed at your website using jquery or JavaScript.

5. TinyPic

TinyPic - free image hosting
It is just similar to Imgur and postimage, but the features are not limited to the uploading of photos only, you can also upload videos to their server without any registration. You can even upload the pictures by URL of an image. And the acceptable formats are gif, jpg, png, and BMP. One of the limitations of this server is that photos will be scheduled for deletion if photos are not getting enough impression for 90 days.

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  1. Hi, For upload my image for free i use IMGhost.io
    Is a free service and works without account.
    It has a 16mb limit for Image and this is verry good for a heavy gifs!
    You can find it here: https://imghost.io

  2. In my opinion I think its better to store your photos someplace that you are the admin and have positive control over the photos like a home NAS or small cloud drive at home. They are getting cheaper by the year. I bought my 4TB for $189USD at the time. Facebook in my opinion is not a good place for photo storage. I have been using Imgur for a while but recently jumped over to FreePhotoUpload (https://freephotoupload.com) which seems to be fast and they have a 25mb limit so I toss all my high res photos on it. Maybe you guys could review it for next time as well as others since there are so many more?

  3. Photobucket and imageshack have now proved to be extremely unreliable and just decided to hijack your photos and demand payments (like photobucket did) or do as imageshack did and completely mess up your albums and thus my ebay pics (and i'm a premium member) without any official notice, status update or even an answer to my customer support emails. I need something much more reliable, premium or free

  4. http://pichub.site/ is one of the best for me. It’s free image hosting website Service that offers unlimited bandwidth picture hosting.

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