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PopAds Review 2018 - Can it Make Money for your blog?

popads net review - best popup under ads for blogger and website

Popads ad network is one of the most popular pop-ups under advertising network. And it is a great alternative to popcash and infolinks. The best thing about it that you can withdraw you earned money at any time once, your unpaid earning is reached to a minimum amount of 5$. Currently, It's providing highest CPM rates, excellent technical support, fastest payment in the industry.

From the last three years, I am using Google Adsense for my blog and no doubt it is one of best advertising program which pays high CPC. After that, I was looking for other monetizing networks which can work well along with Adsense for my blog, and that's when I stumbled upon popads net network.

And the first question that came to my mind was,
Can it make money for my blog?
So, I decided to get signed up for this network to check whether it can make money for my blog.  And after using it for two months (Total traffic upto two month, only 20000), I earned 68.26$ that you can see in the below screenshot of my dashboard, (popads earnings)

popads net review - earning dashboard payment
So, in this review, I will answer you some frequently asked question which you may encounter while choosing the best pop-ups under ad network,

How Popads works?

Unlike AdSense, it does not require an ad space that means you visitors don't need to click on anything. And you will get paid whenever your visitors will browse your website.

Popads is great if you are receiving traffic from USA, UK, Cannada because it provides high eCPM for the European countries. But for Asian traffic, you may not earn much until you are getting a huge amount of organic as well as social traffic. (100% fill rates)

Is PopAds.Net Scam Network?

Ofcourse not. It has a large number of publishers who are happy with its technical support and on-time payment.

Most of the people have written the negative reviews on several forum, and this may be due to account ban. Most of the webmaster use bot traffic trick to increase their page views and earnings which is an illegal method. And due to this reason, their account gets banned from the popads network.

But, My experience says that they are legit and genuine because I (many webmasters) already get paid for my earnings. You can see my 'payment proof' below,

popads net payment proof

How To Sign Up for Popads?

The sign-up process of popads network is very easy, and you only need to fill up a publisher form. Just click on the below button to go to popads.net website and fill up a simple form. And you need to wait for 24 hour to get an email from their team that your website is approved.

Can your website be approved? 

Absolutely yes. It accepts all type of website including adult, non-adult, hacking, and cracking.

Is their JavaScript plugin SEO friendly?

Yes. For API integration, they provide a small bit of JavaScript code which you need to add just above the closing body tag. And the best thing about it that, it does not affect the loading speed of your website which is one of the ranking factors of Search Engine Optimization.

What are the CPM rates of popads net?

CPM Rates (approx)
Country Rates (per 1000 view)
United States $14.72
United Kingdom $7.65
Canada $7.05
Australia $10.64
India $2.05

What is the Payout Threshold?

The Payout threshold is very low. You will get paid, whenever your unpaid earnings reach to a minimum of 5$. Payment will issue within 24 hours.

What are the Payment Methods?

Modes of payment:

Modes Minimum Amount Payment frequency
PayPal $5.00 USD Every Day
Debit Card (Payoneer) $20.00 USD Every Day
Bank Transfer (Payoneer) $20.00 USD Every Day
Wire Transfer $2000 USD Weekly
Payza $5.00 USD Every two weeks


As there are thousands of alternative available for pop-ups under ads but no one can compete with popads because it provides high CPM and daily payment. If you rejected by Adsense and media.net program, then I must recommend you to join this network.

I hope the above review will help you to decide the best pop-ups under ads for your blog. If you have any doubt or you are using any other network which is providing better eCpm rates then do let me know by commenting below.

Popads Review
Published Jan 15, 2017
Summary Popads is a rising player among popular pop-ups ad network that is gradually recognized as the best alternative to Infolinks and Popcash.
Reviewer Vishal Chopra
Publisher Blogger SEO Lab
Rating 4/5

About The Author

Vishal Chopra is a 23 years old blogger Currently living in Kolkata, India. He is a Skilled Blogger, web Developer and Loves to play with Codes And Creating new things as a web Designer. For more, follow me @vishalchopra13


  1. thank you for your great review
    i have some questions :
    can you show me any screen about rates , i can't believe 14$ per thousand for usa traffic , i think only 3 or 4$ in my opinion.
    this network accept blog with blogspot or no.
    i can use some no original content from others websites and popads accept that or no.
    thank you

    1. Thanks @zico saidio, I glad that you like this article.

      Answer to your queries:

      1. Rates: Rates always fluctuate. So I can't say that PopAds currently providing 14$ for usa traffic.

      2. Does it support Blogspot blog?: Yes, it supports.

      3. Can you use duplicate content?: Yes, you can use popads on your website where contents are duplicate.

      Click here to sign up for popads to get immediately accepted.

  2. Any idea to fix minimal bid? Help me... Many thanks...

    1. Yes, you can fix minimal bid. You just need to set a minimum amount of bid that you want.

      1. Just login to your account.

      2. And then navigate to Code Generator. There you will find an option of Minimal Bid (screenshot). Just add your desired amount of minimal bid. That's it.

      Suppose, you want a minimum bid of 1$ per thousand pop-unders then add 0.001 as you can see in the above screenshot.

  3. for my blog the main traffic is from facebook
    i have created a fan page and diverting traffic to my site throug sharing links
    but when a vistor vists my site through fb, pop ups not display
    right now i am using popads network with anti block code
    how to fix it

  4. Now I am wondering who is the original author of this article. I found 2 IDENTICAL article very similar to this one including the proof of payment and photos

    1. Dear @James, I am the original author of this article. You can see my name written on the featured image of this article.

      I think that someone has copied the entire content of this article and also they published on their blog.

      I will surely file a DMCA complain for content thief to Google.

      Thank You.


  5. Popads is real scam network. at payment day they blocked our account noticing that we are using captcha so no bots on our website.

    don’t waste your time with this shit


  6. Popads is real scam network. at payment day they blocked our account noticing that we are using captcha so no bots on our website.

    don’t waste your time with this shit

  7. can i use adsense with popads.I am already using adsense and getting 2000 page views daily

  8. I lose my bloggers pageview and google page rank when I use popads, my sites page view 2.8k daily when I used popads now pageview is 1300 only, and popads earning is 0.002 dollar only , what to do

  9. Hi Vishal
    Really Liked your article.
    I have started writing blogs.
    My first Option for earning money through my blog was Google Adsense
    But they rejected the application.
    Being i am newer to blogging and earning money online dont why they rejected my application.

    Can you please checkout my blogging website www.basbolo.com
    if you need the email from Google regarding the rejection i can send you that as well.

    After the rejection i looked for the Alternatives then i came to know about Popads.net and they have accepted my application. But i still wanted to link adsense to my blog.

    As far i can think of reason for the rejection is that my domain was just 3-4 Months old .

    Could this be a reason for decline for Google adsense.

    Please review and help me.
    thank you.

  10. In recent months my website got very low rates on popads and popcash, wanted to shift to another ad network.

  11. Thank you For Sharing This Information…
    And also give to me important knowledge.